Your Ultimate Tool To Living the Life You Want

Lay aside your inner burdens + fears with this expertly guided Self-Inquiry Process. Vichara (vi-char-a) compassionately dissolves hidden self-limiting mental + emotional patterns that hinder your capacity to live the life you want.  By profoundly quieting your mind long enough in the nonjudgmental non-reactive mindset of awareness, Vichara restructures your mind creating new positive patterns of thinking, feeling + behaving that prevent you from returning to old unhealthy ways of being.

Find a greater capacity to skillfully process with out getting derailed, reactive or judgmental. Learn to live free from the baggage that you normally carry + enjoy a relationship with yourself + others based on receptivity, joy, appreciation, compassion, peace + respect.

Vichara is recommended when you are facing difficult life decisions, circumstances + challenging mindsets, at times of change + uncertainty or when you are seeking a greater experience of stability or meaning in life.

Vichara is offered in Individual Private Sessions. 

Please reach out to schedule a time that works best for you.