I initially began seeing Tish for Embodyment® sessions over nine years ago to help me manage migraines. Within a few months of regular sessions and practice, I found the yoga therapy sessions starting to work on my body and mind in ways I never anticipated; not only did my migraine symptoms clear up, my stress levels decreased, my ability to handle stress improved, and numbness due to whiplash caused by a car accident in my past was alleviated. I found that the yoga helped me heal in ways that chiropractic and massage work did not. Today I feel more grounded and at ease than I ever have in the past. The practices Tish taught me changed my life dramatically and permanently.  -  Jess F, 29 yrs old, High School Media Specialist
I signed up for 6 weeks of one on one Yoga Therapy in hopes that it would relieve a specific nerve pain I was having down the outside of my legs. My doctor said this was the result of lower back issues as my body was readjusting to a large weight loss.  I am happy to say that it only took a few sessions to take care of it and I am now pain free. I highly recommend doing Yoga Therapy as a more natural way to heal without the use of pain medication. – Judy, 40 yrs old
A number of years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I began Yoga Therapy sessions + noticed immediately how wonderful my body and mind felt. My Fibromyalgia was changing, instead of having attacks of it for days at time, such incidences became fewer and fewer + my mind no longer felt cloudy from the "Fibro fog”. With my doctors assistance we are slowly decreasing my Fibromyalgia medication. And the nagging neck and lower back issues I have due to disc deterioration have immensely improved! - Jane F, Retired Teacher
Bringing Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy into my life has done so much for me. After several sessions, I am able to move more easily than before, with diminished pain and increased mobility in my knees. Yet what aided me tremendously (aside from the wonderful embodiment session) was Tish helping me see how much I was aggravating things by getting my mind wrapped up in my knee problem. It really made a difference for me to be reminded of how much effect my mind has on my body.   I know you are teaching us that all the time but somehow I didn't realize how much I was letting my mind get ahead of me on this arthritis issue.  Thank you!  -  Pat C, 70 yrs old semi-retired Office Manager

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