• Although practiced thousands of years ago meditation has increased in popularity in the West mostly because of our modern lifestyle. We are a society that is perpetually rushing, under stress, immersed in fast paced technology, overloaded with information, + struggling to find balance between work, family, home + social time. To navigate the complexities of this 21st Century lifestyle we are turning to alternative Eastern practices to help maintain a grounded steady state.

  • And the research findings are promising with evidence that proves “meditation influences brain structure + function, immune response, stress response, attention + emotion regulation. Overall, adding meditation to one’s life appears to improve an overall state of well-being (happiness if you will), reduce anxiety, and foster healthy relationships” *

  • I understand the 21st Century mind is one of the biggest obstacles standing between you receiving these benefits. It can be unruly, distracted + resistant to stillness. We are taught how to move + behave in the world yet we are rarely taught how to quiet our mind. The yogic teachings assure you to not lose faith, as your mind only needs compassionate discipline. And you cannot fail as you are hardwired for this still grounded state – it’s your birthright. Your mind simply requires professional training on how to be in quiet consciousness while you live in the midst of your 21st Century life.

    *Huffpost Healthy Living 2011

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