Meditation That Fits You


Navigating through our complex + hectic 21st Century lifestyle can be stressful.  So when it comes to meditation I fully understand that individuals arrive with a variety of challenges + aspirations. There is also evidence that when it comes to quieting the mind one meditation technique does not work for everyone.  My comprehensive training + experience affords me the ability to teach multiple techniques including alternative sitting positions, resulting in a practice that will successfully fit you + your lifestyle.  Whether you are a beginner, lapsed or seasoned practitioner you can embark, enliven + deepen your experience by equipping yourself with the wisdom of meditation. Learn the practical tools to deal with your mind + life as you discover how to live from consciousness, your stable balanced state of awareness.

Individual Sessions are private or semi private to ensure an effortless + purposeful meditation experience.

Corporate Group Meditation Training - Multi-Week Breakthrough