• There are many perceptions about meditation. Some think it is concentrating while others believe it is contemplating or observing. Meditation dyhana is a precise science of yogic techniques for settling the mind to access a state of consciousness.

  • Consciousness is the effortless state of being aware; otherwise known as your relaxed non-reactive essential nature. When your mind is tuned into the state of your essential nature it is inherently peaceful, steady, joyful, clear + still with few thoughts. The purpose of meditation is to guide you to this experience of consciousness.

  • The aim of meditation is to redirect your mind to its rightful seat of consciousness. The more your mind has the one pointed experience of consciousness the more your mind is imprinted with the state of your essential nature. So much that it becomes your balanced steady way of being pervading through all circumstances. Even in the midst of life’s challenges + adversities you can respond from the experience of your relaxed essential nature. And this will positively shape how you are in relationship with yourself, others, at the workplace + in the world.

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