I would like to thank you for your outstanding class in meditation. You made the learning process relaxing, enjoyable and easy. Your class may be the best investment I've ever made in myself. What have I gained from meditation? I am healthier, more focused, more productive, happier and truly relaxed. Meditation is like a magic formula that helps me slow down, enjoy time with myself and focus on what's important rather than what's urgent.
Your methods go hand in hand with many of the best philosophies espoused in "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and "High-Trust Selling". The best gift of meditation is that when I spend time with my family I am truly in the moment; my mind isn't racing through my to-do list, but rather I am truly enjoying my family. The question isn't what does meditation offer to improve your life; it's what doesn't it offer? Anyone considering whether meditation would work for them need only weigh the time/money investment with the potential benefits to see that it is certainly worth a try." Frank D, Motivational Speaker
        Be prepared to find peace happiness + purpose. -  Karen, Pomfret, CT
Very bold + dynamic class that is given in approachable tones. Do it – trust Tish! Jim 35 yrs old

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