I had a private session with Tish every week of my pregnancy and I am truly grateful for her ability to guide me in deeply connecting with my baby while helping me to make space physically, mentally and emotionally within my body. My weekly practice with her supported my daily home practice and this was one of the most important things I did to create a healthy pregnancy, to prepare my body for labor and to help me after delivery.

After pregnancy, all that Tish taught me helped me to stay connected to my baby and my body while adjusting to the demands of my new role as a mom. I cannot thank her enough for this life changing experience. Tish has an amazing uniqueness that I wish all have the ability to experience

Dr Alison Monette ND, RD

I have been practicing Svaroopa® Yoga for 12 years under the guidance of Tish. I have practiced Prenatal Yoga for 2 pregnancies + it has made a huge difference in how I feel as well as how I birthed my babies. I used the Shavasana meditation (yoga’s relaxation pose with a body guided awareness) + Ujjayi Pranayama (ocean sounding breath practice) to calm + relax my body + mind. It helped me to work congruently with my baby to have a gentle non intervened birth. Using what I’ve learned in my daily practice, I was able to control my perception of pain + successfully birth two babies at home attended by midwives.

Thank you Tish for being such a wonderful teacher + friend. Jennifer Connors, Chiropractor

My Svaroopa® prenatal experience was a very positive one with Tish. Her suggestions and accommodations for the positions to assist in a comfortable pregnancy & birth were fabulous. After having some back pain in my 2nd trimester, I asked Tish for specific positions for release. She guided me carefully and throughly through movement that allowed my back pain to ease. 

I would recommend using Tish for prenatal yoga any day! – Danielle, Cross Fit Teacher


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