Be Guided by the Wisdom of Yoga


Each trimester brings various challenges + gifts.  Support your whole being as you receive a deep sense of connection, tranquility + comfort through the ebb + flow of your pregnancy + postpartum renewal.

Through the therapeutic release of your lower + upper spine you create more room for your breath, internal organs + for your baby to nestle gently under your heart.  This core release will smooth + speed the labor + delivery process while it creates a healing resiliency for recovery.

These prenatal sessions help you tune in + stabilize your body, breath, mind, + spirit by artfully offering a well-rounded experience of poses, relaxation techniques, meditation + the wisdom of yogic teachings.   

A tailored set of safe prenatal poses are designed for each trimester + your postpartum renewal to address not only the specific issues for each stage but also taking into consideration your personal responsibilities, daily activities, + work.

Empowering for new mothers to be as well as experienced mothers.