• Svaroopa® (swa – roopa) Yoga is a consciousness oriented yoga that promotes deep healing, relaxation + personal transformation.

  • By using precise angles + alignments, coupled with supports in a carefully choreographed sequence of poses, Svaroopa® Yoga creates core release to dissolve the tensions that block your mind-body’s natural functioning + inherent capacity to heal.

  • Svaroopa® Yoga therapeutically releases the deepest muscles attached to your spine beginning at your tailbone, carrying that core release to your sacrum, through your waist area, + the vertebrae through your ribcage, shoulders, neck + behind your heart. By lifting core physical compression your mind-body opens to naturally find healing + balance.

  • This physical core release has a rippled effect dissolving the tension from your body through your mind into your emotions reaching all the way into the deepest level of your being. With the mechanical opening of your spine you feel more alive, vibrant, strong, clearheaded, positive, compassionate + ready to tackle life.

  • The transformative nature of Svaroopa® Yoga further opens you to the inner experience of consciousness; otherwise know as awareness or the essential nature of your Self. This is the truest meaning of the yogic practice, opening you to this steady joyful, liberated, aware state that is at ease + in peace – hence the full spectrum effect.