A Boutique Practice


At Ananda we are devoted to a fresh + distinctive style of yoga practice Svaroopa® (swa-roopa).  According to Yoga International Magazine “Svaroopa® Yoga is a technique for opening your body (roopa) to find your Self (sva). It has a radically different approach than most modern styles of yoga and can give you a new way to think about asana practice. The practice creates a core opening by releasing the tensions in the deepest layers of your body. Dissolving these tensions allows you to live with ease, both in your body and in your deeper self. That ease is your birthright. This all happens without sweat or strain because Svaroopa® Yoga is not exercise but a scientific maximization of the body’s natural capacities. When practicing Svaroopa® Yoga, we delve into our body as if opening a precious gift carefully wrapped in many layers.”

Ananda invites you to experience a new way of being with Svaroopa® Yoga. All classes are designed to be private or semi -private to ensure a personal, easy + deep journey in your yoga aspirations.

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