For five years I took a weekly yoga class that was ten minutes from my home. I had a great teacher and got a lot out of it. But from the first Svaroopa® Yoga class with Tish, I knew I had discovered a path to experiencing yoga in a whole new and much deeper way. The beautiful studio, Tish's compassionate, warm, and accepting approach, and the unique benefits of Svaroopa® yoga combine to make this class a deeply enjoyable, healing, and transformative experience. Now I travel one hour each way to attend Tish's class each week. And it's worth every minute of driving! - Shelly W, LICSW
When I came to my first practice at the studio I wasn’t sure if, at my age, I would be able to “do” yoga in a way that would be fulfilling.  But unlike some of other exercise-based yoga, right away I was able to “do” Svaroopa® Yoga in a way that not only benefited my body, but it quieted my mind and nourished my soul.  More than any other practice, Svaroopa® Yoga has helped me to experience myself in a real, centered, authentic way, to clear my mind of distractions and chatter, and to sooth my body.  In addition to relieving my back pain improving my mobility, the scoliosis series that I did with Tish had an exceptional and remarkable effect of actually adding a full inch to my height as measured by my doctor!  But most of all, I am grateful for the quiet peace of mind that Svaroopa® Yoga practice offers, and the blessed sense of coming home to myself. – Judith H, Owner Grass Hill Farms
I had asthma and low back issues that I battled with for years. Today, I rarely use any asthma medication and that winter when we had mountains of snow, I could shovel with the best of them without my back going out. My lung capacity has grown from the breathing practice. . My body feels balanced and my mind more easily centered during what feels like the chaotic time we live in. If you are a beginner or advanced yogi, you will find a deeper sense of yourself with each class. - Jeni S, Massage Therapist

Tish my teacher for the past 12 years, worked with me in class, in private sessions + even set up my home practice. I found her to be consistently knowledgeable + flexible as well as kind + considerate in her teaching of Svaroopa® Yoga. As I have had 2 back fusion operations + live with chronic pain, I needed a practice + teacher who would be gentle, flexible + sensitive. With out exaggeration I can testify that my life has been significantly improved by working with Svaroopa®Yoga over these years. I am very greatly for Tish’s instruction + care – John 72 yr old Retired Educator


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