All of the following Yoga Therapy Options Include:

  • Personal instruction for a customized home-based practice. This enables you to maintain a positive healing momentum that support the changes received + aids you in building prevention.

  • To fulfill holistic healing results short doses of Vichara Self-Inquiry are facilitated to address the underlying related mind-emotion-spiritual issues



Your Ultimate Tool To Living the Life You Want

Lay aside your inner burdens + fears with this expertly guided self-inquiry process. Vichara (vi-char-a) compassionately dissolves hidden self-limiting mental + emotional patterns that hinder your capacity to live the life you want.  By profoundly quieting your mind long enough in the nonjudgmental non -reactive mindset of awareness, Vichara restructures your mind creating new positive patterns of thinking, feeling + behaving that prevent you from returning to old unhealthy ways of being.

Find a greater capacity to skillfully process with out getting derailed, reactive or judgmental. Learn to live free from the baggage that you normally carry + enjoy a relationship with yourself + others based on receptivity, joy, appreciation, compassion, peace + respect.

Vichara is recommended for when you are facing difficult life decisions, circumstances + challenging mindsets, at times of change + uncertainly or when you are seeking a greater experience of stability or meaning in life.

Individual Private Sessions/$95/75 minutes

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As divinely wonderful as being pregnant is it can present challenges in maintaining balance through all the vital changes that are happening on multiple levels inside + outside. Embodyment® excels at helping you ride the natural tides of pregnancy + postpartum by deepening the softening + yielding to the monumental process that is happening with in.  It will thoroughly relieve the related tensions + discomforts on all levels allowing you to have a profound peaceful bond with the process, yourself + your baby.

It provides a deeper experience for your mind + body than the prenatal poses alone can provide; making it ideal for when life does not allow the time for a daily practice or when you could use additional support.

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Science concurs that deep rest accelerates your mind-body recovery process. While you deeply rest in a supported reclining relaxation pose Embodyment® uniquely cultivates a profound relaxed + aware state that enhances your body’s natural healing function.  In these sessions my hands are precisely placed on key points along your spine to facilitate a core release of spinal tensions, erasing old mind-body tension patterns.

  • Ideal for pregnancy, infertility, when movement is restricted + to boost immunity

  • One session equals the healing benefits of 5-6 Svaroopa® Yoga classes



This is a stronger healing process available in Embodyment® Yoga Therapy, that extends the healing + openness further to create change with minimal or no regression back to old mind- body tension patterns



Targets the challenging spinal tensions that are the cause of your discomfort in these tricky areas of your body. While precisely propped in 3-5 supported poses specailzied gentle adjustments or Embodyment® Yoga Therapy are applied to return your low back, spine, + legs into structural healthy alignment, relieving your chronic + acute pain levels.

  • Includes a practice in yoga’s Walking Lessons

  • A specific Yoga Therapy Sequence is available for treating Scoliosis



Brings relief + aids mobility by releasing your upper body tensions to generate healing circulation. A customized set of poses are systematically facilitated to align your spine at your rib cage, neck + shoulders. The sessions carefully combine advanced adjustments or special Embodyment® techniques while you are comfortably propped in 3-5 supported poses.



A practical solution to reducing + alleviating your acute as well as chronic pain level, regardless of the cause. Be empowered by learning the root cause + treatment of pain from a yogic perspective. Each session offers hands on assistance in carefully supported poses with gentle yet deep adjustments to cultivate greater flexibility + solace.